Dear Public,

                I must say, the pace of this election has been somewhat boring. No fireworks, even in spite of the incumbents proclaiming on their literature they are “two fighting Joes”. In fact, the most exciting moment to date was when one of the incumbents shaved his beard.

                Having chosen this forum predominately to communicate, I have deprived my opponents of their strength: Filling a room of paid supporters to boo or clap. This is modern politics, a battlefield, which I promised my supporters at my kickoff in April. And if you’re wondering why our campaign team goes silent sometimes…we’re baking a cake.                

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                While the majority of LD17 residents have indicated Taxes and Affordability are their primary concerns, I can’t help but notice that our incumbents failed to show up at the Affordability Summit in September. Apparently, the public’s concern on these issues is irrelevant to them. Given their depraved indifference, taxes increases are a virtual guarantee should you reelect the incumbents.

                Finally, we’ve heard complete silence from the incumbents related to the detrimental impact that Common Core* & PARCC tests have had on our vulnerable children. As it was 2 years ago, they are relying on the public’s short attention span to avoid answering. Some of you have asked what would change if I was elected and I say this in return: this concern will no longer be swept under the rug or publicly avoided if I’m elected.

                Silence denotes approval for the damage caused to these children. If the incumbents say they like rigid and challenging standards, it simply means to me that they are changing the subject to avoid the frank reality that they have raised not one concern related to this issue in 2 years.





*Common Core is a defined set of education standards for teaching and testing English and Mathematics in grades K-12.


Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)