Dear Editor,

                You don’t talk much. I’m going to miss these therapeutic one sided discussions should I not win. It was pleasing to see recent words of praise from an independent voter towards our campaign.

                In a frantic effort to counter our door knocking, the incumbents have sent out an unprecedented 3rd mailing to remind the public what a swell bunch of guys they are.  Having personally visited the homes of tens of thousands of voters, I have obtained valuable insight into the public’s concerns. The most reported issues without question are Taxes and Affordability.  

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                Interestingly, given the high volume of visits we have had less than 50 declines of literature. Most of the public truly appreciated that I came to their home. And despite the infrequent dog bites, slammed doors in the face, and biblical downpours I met some really wonderful people. This included the Central New Jersey Progressive Democrats, who have great spirit and character. This is the type of positive public engagement needed to cure what ails our beloved home state.

                As I promised during my Kickoff in April, my management style is leadership by example. I put on the suit and tie when the occasion calls for it and when it does not, it comes off and I go to be amongst the people. I must admit, I have found a deep solace on the campaign trail especially amongst our lower income communities. My supporters around the state in our impoverished areas truly define who I am as a candidate first and foremost. Entering the race, I had hoped to build upon this base support in LD17 and believe my efforts have been successful.

                If elected, expect to see me continue my hands on approach because solutions to your problems can’t be found at the manor or a fundraiser. As a manager, this is how I keep my hand on the pulse. Does anyone really respect a “leader” that isn’t willing to sacrifice for them?

                As for my party, some aren’t quite sure what to make of me. A compassionate Republican? Rest assured…I’m still allergic to taxes. I just want to be me.

                                                                                                Warm Feelings




Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)