Dear Editor,

                Having trudged across this political terrain for over 18 months I see we are nearing the end. I’ve tried to show you something new and different. To return to an era where we are not so obsessed with clinging to these labels we call parties.

                My party is just coming to understand that I am a defiant personality. That is not to say I am  disrespectful, but rather than I will not follow along with cattle mentality whether in my party or otherwise. The public can expect a higher degree of autonomy from me given this reality.  Can we say the same for your incumbents who vote as directed by their party leaders virtually every time?

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                On the topic of unions, many have wondered what will happen on election day with the laborers. Will they support people who force them to attend rallies and stuff envelopes under threat of losing their job? Will someone….chaperone them into the voting booth? To many an incumbent, the laborers are quite simply a means to an end in their political career. However, I view them quite differently for they are my family legacy. And while I do not agree with excesses, I desire to see them flourish. Let it be known that I am a friend of our laborers.

                Finally, my wife is a swing voter and as such received a mailer from the incumbents recently.  The mailer said they represent you not “corporations or special interests”. One review of their donations on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission website shows an incongruity with this statement. I guess when you are flush with money from Super Pacs and a gerrymandered district you can say anything you want.

                                                                                                     Cordially yours,



Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)