“Run for a lower office. You’ll have a better chance”

             Welcome to politics, where a friendly smile doesn’t necessarily mean the person is your friend. Where an offer to send a check, doesn’t mean it will actually arrive. With the exception of a few small donations, I have endured this campaign through self funding. I justified this because I felt my children and yours deserved my efforts.

             I entered this arena, knowing I was a long shot given the gerrymandering. Short of a lightning strike on election day, I may well be left on this political battle field for dead like the others. I have tried to awaken this voting electorate through my bloodshed. Having personally visited a majority of all likely voters, I know that I can tell my children regardless of outcome that I fought for them.

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             Some have suggested that should I lose, perhaps I run for a lower office. But I truly mean what I have said: I chose to run to remove Common Core*/PARCC and the Legislative Seat is the only means to do so. Local or County offices do not have the means of addressing these issues. I genuinely have no interest in these pathways because my children have driven my actions not ambition.

             What’s the going rate on an Assembly office these days, $75K? Sounds like a small price to pay to ensure silence on the issues I have noted during the campaign. Do we have real and true representation anymore or merely propped up officials as a facade for land developers, special interests, and corporations?

             I do have a few questions to the public though: If, as some have said, a Republican cannot win in this District why run two parties? Did not our service men and women die for the right of free and fair elections? And what does it say about our incumbents that they have chosen to spend much of their time attending fundraisers to trade donations for support in the election?

             By no means should the public find my words a concession. For while my efforts to reach each individual voter are important, you have more power in your hands than you realize. If you desire to take your government back, I have given you a choice – for one election cycle. Your word of mouth can be very powerful. I hope that you express your desire on election day. The children are counting on you.



*Common Core is a defined set of education standards for teaching and testing English and Mathematics in grades K-12.


Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)