It is my desire for the public to know several important points about my candidacy, which they may take into consideration when determining who to vote for: 

  • I have been a resident of Franklin Township for 12 years. Born in North Plainfield I have lived in New Jersey most of my life. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Seton Hall University (1998).
  • I am the father of two. My children, Terrence, and Natalie attend St Matthias Elementary School. My wife, Luka, is a naturalized citizen from the island of Hong Kong, China.
  • I have over 20 years experience in the Data Center/Disaster Recovery Industry and presently serve as an Operations Director overseeing numerous Northeast facilities. My experience in this role covers Disaster Support for Hurricane Sandy, 9/11, and the 2003 Northeast Regional Power outage. I presently chair or am a member of over 15 committees. One such example, I chair on, is the Standardization Committee, which defines Policy, Procedure, and Procedure for the entire department globally.
  • I provided testimony to the New Jersey Department of Education State Wide Standards Committee in 2015 on the effects of Common Core & PARCC. More information on the testimony can be found on our campaign website.  I oppose both Common Core and PARCC given their impact on our children, and most acutely on our vulnerable children. The nationally renowned Dr. Sandra Stotsky acts as an advisor to my campaign's education platform
  • My campaign is largely self-funded, which differentiates me from the present incumbents.
  • I am proposing a modernization of the Exit 10/9 ramps off of 287 to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety. Should I be elected to office, I will evaluating obtaining Federal or State funds for the project.
  • I desire to find waste and inefficiencies with our existing tax revenues to curtail further increases. In my discussions with the public, Affordability and Taxes are noted as their top priorities.