NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Local business leader and State Theatre New Jersey Trustee Dr. Peter Stavrianidis hosted a special donor appreciation and cultivation dinner at a private room at Christopher's Sunday night. 

"I support the State Theatre because I strongly believe in the power of the arts and their ability to transform a community for the better and make it more affluent, more viable, safer," Stavrianidis said. 

Some of Stavrianidis guest included Rev. Buster Soaries his wife Margaret Donna, former mayor and freeholder Jim Polosn and current head of Middlesex County Improvement Authority and his wife Rita Polos. Also in attendance were entrepreneurs and philanthropist Dr. Spiro Spireas and his wife Dr. Emily Spireas, the owners and founders of Sigma Pharm Laboratories.

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"I am here to support not just this event but what the State Theatre stands for," Polos said. "It is really a jewel of Middlesex County when it comes to culture and entertainment, something that we should really embrace and support."

Prior to some of the bigger shows hosted at the State Theatre dinners like the one held last Sunday are to help the donor community get together to and discuss behind the scenes details of the show, and to discuss ways to help support the arts. 

Thomas J. Carto the sixth President & CEO of the State Theatre New Jersey said: "we look for people who develop a relationship with us, it may start off as someone who buys a single ticket from us, then multiple tickets, then they become a subscriber, up to a donor." "We engage with them to find out their interest...dinners like this is one way to do that." 

The community can support performing arts experiences with donating a tax-deductible gift if they, click here.