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In today’s substance abuse pandemic, the worst public social health crisis America has ever seen, the threat to our youth is greater than ever. The importance of parental education and awareness can’t be overestimated in the attempt to close the chasm between what parents needed to know in the 80’s and what they need to know about the current trends. It is vital!

Marijuana—Likely the most misunderstood commercialized drug known to man.  The transformation of what marijuana once was—to what marijuana has become — has  been mischaracterized and has changed the dynamic of youth use across America. 

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Marijuana’s perception of harm by youth has never been lower, and usage has never been higher. Potency has never been higher and the genetically-modified product that is being industrialized and commercialized is not being systemically tested.  This should be very concerning to parents, to educators, to everyone.

Tri-Fecta Gateway

Get the facts from Michael DeLeon as he discusses the biggest threats to families including the “Tri-Fecta Gateway®, Marijuana legalization and commercialization, the e-cigarette and vaping/JUULing trends, and the digital relationship to substance use and abuse.

More youth enter addiction through the “Tri-Fecta Gateway®” - Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana. 90% of those who suffer addiction begin between the ages of 11 and 17. 90% of that initiation is with the Tri-Fecta Gateway®. With E-cigarettes and vaping devices, tobacco use is on the rise.  Marijuana youth use is higher than it has ever been, and the potency puts users at much greater risk for addiction.  Prevention is more important than ever.

The threats to youth years ago have changed, and the terminology you thought you understood needs new understanding. What are the conversations you need to have? Understand the connection in this digital world? Where do we go from here?

Michael DeLeon is the founder and powerhouse behind Steered Straight Inc., a non-profit organization designed to carry an important message on the extreme dangers of drugs, gang involvement and associated criminal activity.

Sponsored by the Franklin Township Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse and Franklin Public School Student Assistance Program. Supported by the Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

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