Update from the Franklin Township Task Force Steering Committee

CP17-101 NESE proposes:

Compressor station 206 32,000 horsepower natural gas powered.

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-          2 compressors – each emitting 210,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of exhaust at a temperature of 849.2 degrees Fahrenheit – at the top of the 50’ smokestack.

o   At 849.2 degrees F with an air flow of 210,000 CFM, the top of the smokestack would incinerate any bird that flew directly over the smokestack. 

o   What is the impact of these two smokestacks with such extreme discharge force and temperature on our area?

o   The exhaust of the two smokestacks also discharge (per year):
57.4 tons of CO, 23 tons of NOx, 9.5 tons of VOC, 
18.9 tons of Particulate Matter 2.5 micrometers and 18.9 tons of Particulate Matter 10 micrometers,
3.1 tons of SO2 and .35 tons of Formaldehyde.

o   According to Williams, the compressor station will leak 132,720 tons of Natural Gas (which is 95% Methane) per year.  This does not include blow downs.

Raritan Bay pipeline expansion:

-          The Raritan Bay work will stir up all the chemicals and sediment in the bay across 14,156 acres (an unbelievable size area), causing unknown impacts to aquatic life as well as health risks to local beaches.   

We need our legislators to help by sending notice to FERC.  The magnitude of the above specifications provided by Williams Transco are staggering in terms of the damage and continued environmental, health and safety impact to New Jersey. 


-          Make revise and pass AR280 reflecting the actual specifications that Williams is proposing as unacceptable to New Jersey quality of life and protection of health and safety.  Please let me know if we can help here, we have all the documents that Williams has provided.

-          Send a comment to FERC letting them know you oppose this because it threatens New Jersey residents.  Please let me know if we can help, we have quite a bit of material and references to most submissions and studies.

-          Thank you Princeton Council for passing the attached resolution last night opposing the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) FERC docket CP17-101.  Attached pdf is from the 8/7/2017 meeting packet. 

-          FERC issued an update (also attached) stating that they are still analyzing data from Williams and in fact still owed additional data from Williams.

-          NJ-DEP Proposed Rule changes for Coastal Zone Management Rules under Land Use Management.  Special thanks to Patty Cronheim for alerting us this morning and providing a preliminary analysis, which is also attached.  
Rule notice: http://www.nj.gov/dep/rules/notices/20170717a.html 

-          Special thanks to Princeton Manor and my colleagues in the FTTF Steering committee for registering more FERC intervenors and NJDEP requests for hearings.  All of these are critical and reinforce our firm stance that New Jersey does not want this added pollution, heat, exhaust emissions and massive Methane leaking.

-          Franklin Township Council continues to support us and review how else they can help protect us from this imminent threat.  My sincere thanks for their patience with us and their unwavering dedication opposing this.

We need our legislators to speak up (in some cases again).  Many of you have said you support this fight, and a number of you have helped us and also submitted comments to FERC.  Please know we are grateful for that, but we need more of your help and support now. Your voice makes a more significant impact to FERC than ours. 

We very much appreciate your continued support, commitment and action in protecting New Jersey residents from this threat.

Best regards,

Franklin Township Task Force Committee