My name is Ed Potosnak and I am the current President of the Franklin Board of Education as well as a former chemistry Teacher. Under my leadership, the District has soared to new heights with a sense of purpose and collegiality. I am asking you to support me and two outstanding scientist-parents, Nishita Desai and Michael J. Smith, who have entrusted the Franklin Township Public Schools to educate their children. We are positions 1, 3, and 6 as you count across the School Board candidates on the ballot—all the way at the bottom below the public questions.

Nishita, Mike and I are vested in the Franklin Township Schools will continue the progress and take our schools to the next level. Education is the most important responsibility we have as a society and we are committed to ensuring our future generations have all the experience, know-how, and tools they need to achieve their maximum potential. 

Over the past few years, there has been tremendous progress in the Franklin Township Public Schools.

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  • Just this past month, six schools were awarded prestigious “Future Ready” designation because of their cutting edge instructional technology and teaching.
  • Franklin High School is one of the just over 300 schools in the United States and Canada to be on the College Board’s AP Honor Roll for our outstanding Advanced Placement program, offering over 21 AP Courses and an exceptional rate of students receiving college credit.
  • Our award winning Middle School Finance Program has attracted Wall Street financial experts to work alongside our Middle Schoolers.
  • We have outstanding arts and music programs and, 
  • Exceptional co-curricular and athletic programs including State Championship Girls Basketball and Boys Track programs.

I am honored and proud of this work and the many accomplishments we have had together. I am running for reelection to continue the progress. The past few years have shown how much is possible when we commit to progress, respect, and honesty. Here are some highlights of the accomplishments:

  • Academic Performance Up
  • School Taxes Down
  • Celebrated Franklin's Outstanding Faculty, Staff, Students, and Families
  • Stabilized Leadership and Administration

Mike Smith is a MIT trained Chemist and parent of Franklin Middle Schooler and Franklin High School student. Nishita Desai is a cancer Biologist and ScienceTeacher and parent of a Franklin Middle Schooler. Both are vested in Franklin’s future and committed to ensuring all students achieve their maximum potential. We are asking for your support to continue the progress. Please vote 1 (Smith), 3 (Desai), and 6 (Potosnak) as you count across the School Board candidates on the ballot—all the way at the bottom, below the public questions.

Together, with your help, we will take Franklin Township Public Schools to the next level.