“Are you sure you want to get into politics? It’s a cesspool!”

                Yes, my friend it can be….and No. There are good people, but you must sort through them. In an era where we have come to despise our politicians, it can be difficult to tell who is genuinely a public servant as opposed to a politician seeking personal gain.

                The New Jersey Election Law Commission has tried to make it easier for you, the public, to research your incumbents and candidates before voting. For instance, to evaluate who is truly funding your incumbents click here. Choose “17th Legislative District”, Office: “State Assembly”, and Year “2017”. I would recommend bookmarking the link for those reading, as it is very helpful to research any Legislative or Gubernatorial race throughout the State of New Jersey.

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                What you will find is a number of PACS and donors sending money to the incumbents that do not reside in LD17. Who do these PACS represent? That is the difficulty with campaign finance for they may claim they are partisan, but in reality, act as a vehicle to drive legislation. Do our incumbents represent the people or do they represent what these interests want? Your exasperation with lack of representation can best be noted in reviewing these.

                Are all PACs bad? No.

                Do they influence elections? Heavily.

                Is this bad for your Democracy? Absolutely.

                Both during my pre-candidacy activities and during my campaign, I have reached out to community members across ideology and party. It is important we have true representation in office, not a facade for organizations or individuals wielding power for personal gain.

                Are your public offices for sale?

                You decide the answer to this question by showing up on Election Day.


Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)