As we follow guidelines to selflessly protect others from COVID-19’s terrible human and economic costs, we recognize, with deep gratitude, the heroism of our health care workers and all other essential workers.  At the same time, we remain strong and unwavering in our collaborative commitment to permanently stop Williams/Transco from building a compressor station in Franklin Township and pipeline through Old Bridge, Sayreville and under Raritan Bay and Lower New York Harbor.  If built, this project would endanger our health, safety and environment.

We also stop to thank all who gave their time and resources during the past four years to stop the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project.  Thousands of people signed petitions, wrote comments, rallied, marched, made phone calls, held and attended meetings, hearings and forums, and published op-eds to keep communities informed and let people in federal and state agencies know about the risks and dangers of the proposed NESE Project.  Since no single organization or person had the skills, stamina and strength to do this alone, we applaud the engagement of many groups and people in NJ and NY who helped to stop NESE.

We also are aware that Williams/Transco could appeal the May 15, 2020 permit application decisions of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) by June 14 and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) by June 26.  We are cautiously grateful to NYSDEC, NJDEP, Governor Murphy and Governor Cuomo for being guided by relevant facts, science and regulations in issuing their denials. 

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As we look to the future during these uncertain times, we are devastated by the racism and brutality that continue in our country.  We recognize that our fight is only a small part of much larger issues and momentous problems.

However, we remain committed, vigilant and ready to continue the opposition against this unnecessary and dangerous project if needed.  The facts have spoken, the science has spoken, the economy has spoken, the environment has spoken, and the people have spoken loud and clear that we must STOP NESE not only for now, but forever.