NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — If you need a kidney transplant, you’re in the right city.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s kidney transplant program is among the 30 best kidney transplant centers in the country, according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. The group also named the hospital one of 53 in the U.S. with the “best organ transplant outcomes.”

“We are gratified to learn that our program has earned a place on this national list,” David Laskow, Robert Wood Johnson’s chief of transplant services said in a statement. “Our team works hard to develop a comprehensive kidney transplant program that not only addresses the unique physical needs of our patients, but their emotional needs as well.”

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The registry collected data from a number of organizations to analyze the results of medical centers that perform kidney, kidney-pancreas, liver, lung and heart transplants, according to a press release. Scores are based on how typical it is for a patient to be alive with a functioning new organ a year out from the surgery.

Robert Wood Johnson earned a score of five, the highest possible number in the ranking.

The hospital and its medical school perform kidney transplants on both children and adults.

The medical center’s kidney-pancreas transplant center executed its first transplant in 1999, according to the hospital.