From diagnosis to thriving takes a great deal of tenacity and resilience.  

After my diagnosis with breast cancer, it is with great faith and effort I worked my way through treatment to a state of thriving. Each day I am looking to get stronger in every way while motivating others to do the same.  It is not easy to stay motivated.  

Motivation does not always come so easily from the inside out.  Inspiration and enthusiasm often need to come from the outside especially after going through the fight of one’s life.   

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When I was fighting through breast cancer the community motivated me to keep fighting and to stay connected to others and to living.  I found that even in my struggles others were looking to me for motivation and receiving it!  I soon learned that motivation is designed to be given and received at the same time.  

On the first Mondays of the month Sisters Network of Central NJ meets at our home office at 1201 Hamilton St in Somerset NJ from 7-8:30 pm to be that community of thriving survivors receiving and giving motivation.  

This month on June 5th we will have a guest speaker sharing about mental, physical, social well-being beyond breast cancer diagnosis.  If you are a breast cancer survivor or presently undergoing treatment (you are a survivor) please come and be part of our community.  

If you have questions or need support as a caregiver please reach out Sisters Network of Central New Jersey. Visit our website and join our efforts from early detection to thriving beyond diagnosis.   

The community we want is the community we must strive to be.