Forward Not Back (FNB), Central Jersey joins with the global community in condemning the actions of President Trump in pulling out of the historic Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.  It is an act of profound scientific ignorance and narrow-minded economic backwardness to take such an action as Trump has done as he tries to keep the fossil fuel industries and their profits alive.  As a result, the United States will become increasingly isolated from the community of nations and will bear the deserved outrage of the world’s peoples.

\According to Tina Weishaus, a member of the Forward Not Back steering committee, who has done climate education for Vice President Gore, “The United States has about 5% of the world’s people but for decades used about 25% of the world’s resources to maintain our high standard of living.  In so doing, the US has used more energy per person than any other country on earth and bears a huge responsibility for the current climate crisis. We can shoulder that responsibility AND invigorate our economy by investing in renewables, providing jobs for many while increasing our GDP.  It is happening already and it will be good for everyone, Americans as well as people around the world many of whom are already suffering the impacts of climate change – rising sea level, drought, food insecurity, even famine.”

Forward Not Back, Central Jersey applauds the actions of Highland Park and North Brunswick whose mayors have joined the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda along with more than 200 other cities and towns around the country pledging to carry out the commitments made at the Paris Agreement.   Forward Not Back Central Jersey formed in response to the 2016 election and the subsequent attacks on a social justice agenda coming from the Trump/Ryan administration. Climate change has been one of our key organizing issues. 

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The Climate and Environmental Action Group of FNB will be participating in the Middlesex Freeholders meeting on Thursday June 15 at 7 pm in New Brunswick urging the Freeholders to pass a resolution opposing the Williams Transco compressor and new pipeline proposed. Our Action Group has been working with other groups in our communities to affirm that we don’t need any more fossil fuel infrastructure and we cannot continue to put our residents at risk to increase the profits of the oil and gas industries.  We need representatives who understand the health and safety dangers inherent in this project and are willing to take a stand on the larger issue of climate change which endangers us all. 

Ms. Weishaus added, “Forward Not Back Central Jersey will fight for a clean and sustainable and just world because we have no choice.  Our future depends on it and it is the moral and sane thing to do.”