FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ - This year TAPinto Franklin Township will be running a series called "Meet The Leaders.” The objective is to provide our readers an opportunity to hear from Franklin Township’s leaders in government, public safety, education, houses of worship and other areas, regarding Franklin Township’s present and future outlook.  

Each participant was asked to share a little information about their background and personal life. Each “leader” was presented the same core questions that will be published unedited. 

TAPinto Franklin Township’s 12th leader interviewed was Dr. Victor H. Fakondo CEO/Chairman of Marie's Allied Health & Tech Institute  (he is also a reverend). Marie's is a not-for-profit college in Franklin Township that provides educational opportunities through curricula in business, business-related, administrative, health related, technical, and professional programs that are designed to prepare a student for direct entry into the job market or to enhance their chances of advancement within a business hierarchy.

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Fakondo lived in Franklin Township for nine years and now lives in Piscataway, but he still is very involved in his church and business in Franklin.

In 2008, he received numerous honors: the Community Action Partnership award on the occasion of the 43rd Annual meeting of the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP) board of Trustees in recognition and appreciation for his leadership, dedication and longest years of services as President of SCAP in Somerset, New Jersey. Fakondo has described himself as a “spiritual physician," as a person who has discovered some medicine in the word of God.

"As a spiritual physician, I am careful to always acknowledge that I am not the cure but rather someone who facilitates the cure because Jesus Christ lives with me," Fakondo said. 

Question: What initiative did you start in 2016, that you are most proud of?

Answer: I converted Marie's Allied Health & Technical Institute from an LLC to a not-for-profit organization to enable me to reach out the disfranchised, the low-income group.

Question: What will be your main objective for 2017?

Answer: My main objective for the year is to expand the institute from its present location to a bigger and more spacious location within the township, with more healthcare and computer programs, that will be affordable to all.

Question: Are you involved with any youth groups for the community that you would like to share?

Answer: In the past, I was a member of the Franklin Township Youth Substance Commission Alliance against Substance Abuse. Due to my passion for working with the youth, I opened a community center called Central Jersey Community Center from 2002-2005 but it closed down due to funding issues. I still envisaged myself involving the youth in the coming year, prioritizing on teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, etc.

Question: What do you feel will be Franklin Township’s biggest challenge in 2017?

Answer: The biggest challenge is to get involved in the youth, with lots of programs, and incentives to attract the youth, a youth center, Library and spot locations for police presence.

Question: What do you do in your spare time?

Answer: My spare time is spent in the church on 46 Welshs Lane in Franklin Township. 

Question: Five words that describe Franklin Township are?

Answer: 1) Cultural diversity, 2) Education, 3) Food 5) Space- a luxury commodity

Fakondo graduated from Kean University as cum laude with a Pre-Med Chemistry degree. He also has went to Long Island University and graduated cum laude with a Pharmacy degree. In 2001, he obtained his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Rutgers University Pharmacy College. Feeling a call to the ministry, he enrolled at the Rutgers Theological Seminary also referred to as  New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 2001, and graduated with a Master of Divinity in Theology in 2003, and began preaching in his local church of Bethel United African Church as a minister. Fakondo also earned his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialty in Healthcare Management in 2006 Magna Cum laude from Colorado University (online). Currently, he is a candidate for Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the Walden University (online) and is enrolled at Southern University in Georgia as a Doctor of Theology.

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