Hello Franklin,

If you are a regular reader of TAPinto Franklin/Somerset, you already know that we try our best to spotlight the news of the day in our community, the good, and the bad. 

Right now I am calling on the public to share any positive news going on in our lives. My goal is to publish as many stories as I can. If you would like your story published to spread positive vibes, you can email me at mlyons@tapinto.net and be sure to include your pics and any video for consideration. 

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What positive things do you notice in your socially distanced neighborhood? Your home?  What good things are happening in your business or organization, that we can highlight? What's a fun recipe to make with the kids? Fun family activities? How has your friend, neighbor, child's teacher, government official, or local police, fire, first aid member helped you or someone else? Anything heartwarming to inspire? 

Right now times are uncertain and downright scary. This call for good news is not to minimize the reality of the pandemic, but to highlight the good happening in spite of it. 

Sometimes during these scarier moments, amazing and beautiful things can happen, or perhaps they bring more meaning, or we notice them more. TAPinto Franklin/Somerset would love to share your stories of special moments of kindness, love, humor, creativity and happiness, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maybe the extra time-shared with loved ones is creating new healthy habits, like more family meals together, etc. Maybe your spring flowers are starting to blossom and you would like to share their beauty? Perhaps you have calming tips for readers? 

Also, let's talk about how we can help our local small businesses.

Local businesses, nonprofits and charities, email me directly at mlyons@tapinto.net about what you are doing differently to help serve your customers, and how the public can help you. I will publish your complimentary message for you through April 30.

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What that means is you can send your business message/promo with your photo, logo, etc. and I will publish an announcement about what your business would like to communicate to my thousands of readers. 

So, community members, organizations and local businesses: LET'S THINK POSITIVE! Email me directly at mlyons@tapinto.net with your story and photos/video and let's share the good news! You may bring a smile or even laughter to someone who is having a tough day.

All residents can sign up to receive FREE TAPinto daily and breaking news updates at tapinto.net/enews.

TAPinto does not have a paywall so you can also read all of your local news directly on TAPinto at no charge. 

Finally, - let's pray for those afflicted by COVID-19. If you don't pray, maybe send positive vibes out. Remember, we are all connected. We are in this together! 

Malik A. Lyons

The above is the opinion of Malik Lyons, the owner of TAPinto Franklin/Somerset. The above does not necessarily represent the opinions of TAPinto Corporate.