Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, the new vaccine has brought some hope back to the nation, of life returning back to normalcy back to how it was before Covid-19. The state has said that they, “will roll out COVID-19 vaccines in a phased approach to all adults who live, work, or are being educated in the State. COVID-19 vaccines are available in hospitals and clinics across New Jersey.” If you are interested in getting an appointment or need more information, please visit: COVID-19 Vaccine (

The Vaccine Fairies, an NJ nonprofit organization, is assisting in the vaccine scheduling process and have successfully scheduled over 1,700 appointments since February 24th. If you are struggling to book an appointment and need a vaccine immediately, please fill out this short form Vaccine Appointment Requests OPEN ( or email,, if you are interested.

The nonprofit states that, “Once they do, they usually get scheduled within 48 hours. Right now because of open eligibility we take everyone. Children under 18 but over 16 (until Pfizer gets approved for 12-15) must be accompanied to their appointment by a parent. Otherwise we are good to go.”

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Vaccine Fairies are able to schedule appointments extremely quickly by compiling  patterns of days past and following NJ Twitter Bots and Facebook alerts. When appointments do become available, they are gone as quickly as “sand pours through open fingers”, so they have volunteers alert nonstop to ensure the vaccine appointments are obtained.  

The organizations aim to target people unable to book a vaccine appointment including non-English speakers, senior citizens as well as ex-convicts who have been unable to obtain an appointment and need strong assistance.

Although there have been some recent fears surrounding the vaccine and its potential side effects, which was heightened after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was shutdown. The vaccine fairies only aims to assist those unable to obtain an appointment and therefore hopes to vaccinate a majority of the NJ population. Again, If you are interested in obtaining a vaccine with 48 hours, please fill out this short form Vaccine Appointment Requests OPEN ( or email,

The Vaccine Fairies, provided this final message to those skeptical about taking the virus:

“If not for yourself, do it for others. There are so many who can’t access the vaccine right now, whether because of health conditions or age or other impediments (like language or immigration status barriers).  Every shot in an arm that is able to be vaccinated helps keep those people safe, by removing a potential virus vector (unvaccinated body) from the population. 

Or, get it in tribute to all the medical heroes and regular joes who lost their lives or gave their time to this before there was a viable chance at preventing death or serious illness.”