I read the article "Williams Partners’ Transco Pipeline Seeks FERC Approval for Northeast Supply Enhancement Project to Serve Growing Demand for Natural Gas in Northeastern U.S.".  

What the article does not say is that with this expansion and other expansions of the fossil fuel industry there is a tremendous negative impact on climate change. Methane has a much more deleterious effect on our atmosphere than carbon dioxide.  This expansion of the fossil fuel industry to these areas that reportedly want to change to gas over oil, rather than to renewables, may very well cause these areas to begin their descent under water by 2019! 

Did anyone ask what the people wanted? 

Off shore windmills and other renewable energy sources would cost so much less, would create just as many if not more jobs, and would prevent such a dramatic increase in air and water pollution and diseases caused by pollution from the use of fracked gas as an energy source. Seriously,  if we want living beings to survive we need to STOP EXPANSION of the Fossil Fuel Industry whose only real motive is corporate greed!