At Grades4Life, we believe any form of passion should be given the opportunity to transform into a full-fledged career. Whether it be a common route like singing and acting or a less discovered art, such as voice acting, anyone with the passion and skill should have the chance to seek growth within their chosen field.  

That’s exactly what Gabriel Kunda did. Gabriel is a voice actor whose work you may be familiar with. He’s done commercials, movie trailers, animation work, and his voice has even been used in a documentary. He shares with Grades4Life that he got into this field in high school, where everyone noticed his ability to capture the class’ attention through his animated reading voice. His teacher then recommended him to participate on the announcements team, where he contributed for two years.

Aside from voice acting, Kunda studies Music Education in Dallas, Texas; he is also a vocal producer and has writer credit on hip-hop artist, Lecrae’s, latest project, Church Clothes 3.   Kunda shared what a typical day in the life of a voice actor is like.  He tells us he starts his morning with checking emails which range from past clients to his agents, attends auditions, and meets with clients. Some days the majority of his work can be done in pajamas. It doesn’t get much better than that.  

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For anyone looking to get into voice acting, Kunda shared a few tips. First off, he reminds us that the foundation is acting. You have to build on your craft, allow yourself to be coached, then execute with a demo. We asked him to share some of his inspirations in the industry. Kunda lists his number one as James Earl Jones. Jones’ unmistakable voice can be linked to Darth Vader, Mufasa, and the “This is CNN” tagline,  to name a few. In addition, Kevin Michael Richardson who voiced Gantu in Lilo and Stitch is also one of Gabriel’s favorites. He also mentions Cree 

Summers, a female voice actress who also starred in A Different World. Kunda tells us his top pick when it comes to playing a voice himself is definitely Mickey Mouse.  

Finally, we asked Gabriel Kunda our favorite question: what’s your grade for life? A grade for life is the rating you give yourself based on the effort you put forth into giving back to your community. He explains how he works to be an active component in giving the access he wishes he had to students who are in the position he was in when he left high school. He also shared a little bit about his big break and how a famous celebrity re-posting his video on Instagram led to a spike in his following. You can watch our interview with him here to learn who the celebrity is and hear the wonderful voices we had the pleasure of listening to.  

Speaking to Gabriel was a true reminder that a career can be anything you want it to be. Some of us aspire to be doctors, teachers, and lawyers while some choose to pursue more creative routes. No single path is better than the other. Grades4Life proudly encourages students to chase their dreams, no matter how unheard of your interest may be. Gabriel turned his jokes into the lifestyle and absolutely loves going to work each day. That’s the ultimate goal, allowing our passion to pay us both emotionally and literally.  

Grades4life is a nonprofit organization that works to connect communities through education.  With the “What’s your Grade4life” segment, we highlight individuals with ordinary to not so ordinary career paths who are following their dreams and doing positive things.  Our organization is entrenched in communities we serve and works directly to support youth with our programs.  

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