Dear Editor,

I am marching in the Women’s March on New Jersey in Trenton on January 21.  It is one of 82 sister marches happening all over the US associated with the Women’s March on Washington. In addition, there are 21 more sister marches worldwide from Amsterdam to Wellington, New Zealand. 

I’m not marching, because I don’t accept the results of the Presidential Election, as some media outlets would have you believe.  I march against the increase of hate speech and acts that grew during the campaign and continue to grow in number since the election. 

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I’m marching against all forms of intolerance whether based on religion, race, immigration status, or sexual or gender identity.    I’m marching to say we must protect the environment and fight global warming.  I’m marching for the rights of working people to get decent pay.  

Why do I march?  I will not meet intolerance with silence. Silence will be seen consent.  Instead, I will march loudly, proudly and publicly against an all-out assault on my dearest values; values which are shared by the majority of Americans.  

I’m marching to celebrate my coming out as an activist for Social Justice.  Because it is not just about marching. I’ve joined a group of progressive social activists and we work together to achieve our goals and raise our voices to power. We are phoning government officials and giving them support, or giving them criticism.  We use Social Media and encourage others to speak out as well.  

I’m marching to celebrate my present and future achievements as a Social Justice activist.  I am devoting my time to bringing Anti-Bias Bystander Intervention Training to my community.

I’m marching because marching and phoning, emailing and tweeting work.  It wasn’t that tweet from Trump, it was Americans – Conservative and Progressive – calling their Senators and Representatives that stopped the House Republican’s attempt to weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics in an overnight secret session.

We are not sore-losers, we are not paid to march, and we are not one group of people being bused from city to city to protest.  Those are all lies, spread by those who fear our power and would seek to discourage us and those who would join us. We are your friends, your neighbors and your family.

The march is only a beginning, only a symbol of our deep commitment.  We will resist hate.  We will resist injustice. We will fight to preserve the democratic values of this country.


Susan London