Good morning all,

I hope all is well. I am not sure who best to lodge my complaints about the election process yesterday so I will start here. Thank you in advance for your attention into the matter.

Yesterday when I went to vote in the primary ward 3 district 31.

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When I got the polling location, the female worker could not find my name and the male worker rather snidely asked If I knew what district I really live in. I told him that I was in the correct place, as I have been in 31 for 18 years. I told  the female worker that she should look for my last name in the letter “K” section  instead of “J” where she was looking.

I then signed in as the Republican that I am (I was R voter#1)and was given a Democrat(voter #16) pink slip. I went into the booth without noticing and the Democrat lineup was lit up. I told the poll workers of the mistake and that I would like it corrected and to have my vote count. I then got a blue Republican slip(#1) and cast my ballot.

Throughout the day I received calls from Alex Mansaray in District 33 aa well  Ravikanth Kolla and candidate for Council Noah Fofanah both in Dist. 38 had the exact same thing happen.

I told my wife Debbie Kelly about these events and it happened to her as well when she went to vote on her way home from work at about 6pm. The male worker became combative when Debbie questioned the female worker about the mistake. Debbie stated that the same thing happened to me first thing in the am. The worker said that it never happened. Debbie asked her if she was accusing me of being a liar. At that point another worker came in to calm the situation. Debbie’s voter ticket was changed and she did vote correctly.

I personally would like to see an accounting of how many R and D signed in and how many of each slip was handed out, at least in these 3 districts.

I do not know if this is a  worker training issue, reading comprehension issue or was there something more nefarious in play. How many people could this have happened to? How many people may not have noticed?

At this point, I am very unhappy with the way  this election was handled and have very little, if any confidence in the process as a whole. I cannot convey how disappointed and even a bit angered I am.


Chris Kelly