The Somerset County Continuum of Care Committee has announced the implementation of a Coordinated Entry system for permanent housing that is funded by a CoC grant.

“This new system will provide an initial, comprehensive assessment of the needs of individuals and families who seek permanent housing,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Brian D. Levine, human services liaison. “Data gathered by the assessment will be used to prioritize those who are most in need of assistance and to help clients move toward permanent housing.”

In addition, when CoC-funded units become available, the data will be used to determine who has the greatest need. Implementing the Coordinated Entry System will improve the efficiency of Somerset County’s local crisis-response system, promote fairness and ease of access to resources, and facilitate a community-wide response to clients who seek permanent housing.

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Individuals and families seeking permanent housing who are not connected to a service provider should call the Somerset County Community Development Office at (908) 541-5756 to be screened for eligibility. Emergency shelter and transitional housing providers will collect required data from their clients. 

It is likely that no more than one or two units will be available annually and the admission criteria for those units require chronic homelessness and documentation of a disabling condition. Since housing opportunities through the Coordinated Entry System are limited, the focus of this system will be to help users identify other community housing resources and supportive services.

The Coordinated Entry System acknowledges the sensitive, confidential nature of client data and will only collect information that is necessary to determine eligibility. Any information gathered will only be disclosed to appropriate housing providers when there is a vacancy.