The Inspiration

My niece and my daughter -- or technically speaking, the Chief Inspiration Officers of our company. I didn't think I would be adding the title of Co-Founder so soon after adding the most coveted title of all to my resume: Mom. But these two little girls inspired my and my brother, Viral, to spark curiosity in them about their Indian roots.  

Naturally, naming our company Modi Toys came easy to us. As a family-owned small business, we couldn’t think of a better name than our surname to honor our lineage. Our parents and grandparents  instilled the very appreciation for culture that we strive to pass onto future generations through these Indian toys, books and kits.

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Even our logo is steeped deep in meaning. The parentheses denote the need for inclusion. It means we’re inserting ourselves into toy bins and book shelves as early influencers in your children’s development. The 'namaste' symbol signifies the respect we teach our kids towards our elders, culture and faith.

To be a small but a meaningful part of your lives, through our products, is a privilege I never take for granted. Thank you for helping us manifest our dreams into a reality.

We are proud immigrants that have turned our transition to our new adopted land into an American success story.  We are a small business founded and based out of Somerset and can't imagine any other place to start and continue growing our story.

-- Avani Modi

Our Mission

Our ‘modi operandi’ – if you will – is as simple as our toys. Admittedly, no single product can bridge the paradoxical gap between wanting to assimilate with the American lifetstyle, yet still retaining our culture.

But we can certainly try.

We want to create a (modi)fied version of what you and your kids already know and love. By introducing these toys at an early age, we hope to spark curiosity about their culture. The gift of knowledge may last a day, but the gift of wonder lasts forever.