SOMERVILLE, NJ - The number of reported COVID-19 cases in Franklin rose to 1,149 on Thursday, increasing by 9 overnight, according to the Somerset County Department of Health.  

A total of 350 deaths in Somerset County have been attributed to COVID-19 an increase of 13 overnight, according to the SCDH. 

In Franklin, the daily average of cases reported during the month of April stood at 32, in May that number has fallen to 14 as of today. 

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The number of new daily cases in the county has leveled off so far in May. During the month of April, there was a daily average of 106 new cases being reported. In May, the daily average of new cases in the county is 35 as of today.

In Franklin, 101 residents died due to COVID-19 complications according to the SCDH. According to the state Health Department, 67 of the COVID-19 related deaths in Franklin happened in long-term-care facilities. 

Facility Name  COVID-19 Cases COVID-19 Related Deaths Death Rate
Regency Jewish Heritage Post Acute Rehab and Nursing Center 74 23 31.08%
Parker at Somerset 59 5 8.47%
Willow Creek Rehabilitation and Care Center  67 14 20.90%
Spring Hills Assisted Living Facility Somerset 43 11 25.58%
Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence, Inc. 38 14 36.84%
Somerset Woods Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 3 0 0.00%
Long Term Care Facility Total = 284 67 23.59%
Franklin Total = 1,140 98  

The chart above includes all deaths reported as of May 8, by Long Term Care facilities to the Communicable Disease Service at the New Jersey Department of Health. All deaths may not be laboratory confirmed. The cases reported in this table are self-reported by facilities at a point in time and may not reflect real-time data. Case numbers are constantly changing and subject to updates. 

Editor's note: New numbers from the state have been provided on May 13, however, TAPinto Franklin/Somerset will wait until numbers are explained before publication. 

The chart below shows the overall rate of COVID-19 infections and deaths due to COVID-19 complications, according to the numbers provided by the SCDOH as of May 14.

Township/Borough  Census 2010 Population Numbers COVID-19 Cases Infection Rate COVID-19 Related Deaths Death Rate
Franklin Township 62,300 1,149 1.84% 101 8.79%
Bridgewater Township 44,464 429 0.96% 55 12.82%
Hillsborough Township 38,303 286 0.75% 33 11.54%
Bernards Township 26,652 216 0.81% 38 17.59%
Montgomery Township 22,254 96 0.43% 4 4.17%
North Plainfield Borough 21,936 288 1.31% 30 10.42%
Warren Township 15,311 109 0.71% 12 11.01%
Branchburg Township 14,459 76 0.53% 2 2.63%
Somerville Borough 12,098 117 0.97% 5 4.27%
Bound Brook Borough 10,402 285 2.74% 11 3.86%
Manville Borough 10,344 134 1.30% 4 2.99%
Bedminster Township 8,165 35 0.43% 4 11.43%
Bernardsville Borough 7,707 59 0.77% 1 1.69%
Green Brook Township 7,203 120 1.67% 26 21.67%
Raritan Borough 6,881 90 1.31% 6 6.67%
Watchung Borough 5,801 77 1.33% 14 18.18%
South Bound Brook Borough 4,563 55 1.21% 3 5.45%
Peapack/Gladstone Borough 2,582 39 1.51% 1 2.56%
Far Hills Borough 919 3 0.33% 0 0.00%
Rocky Hill Borough 682 5 0.73% 0 0.00%
Millstone Borough 418 2 0.48% 0 0.00%
May 14 Totals =  323,444 3,670 1.13% 350 9.54%
May 13 Totals = 323,444 3,646 1.13% 338 9.27%

Chart Highlights

  • Out of 323,444 Somerset County residents, 1.13 percent tested positive and 9.54 percent  of those infected have died 
  • Out of 323,444 Somerset County residents, .11 percent died due to COVID-19 related complications
  • Bound Brook Borough, Franklin Township, Green Brook Township, Peapack/Gladstone Borough and Watchung Borough has the highest percentage of infection according to SCDOH data
  • Green Brook Township, Watchung Borough, Bernards Township, Bridgewater Township, and Hillsborough Township have the highest percentage of deaths, according to SCDOH data

There are 3,670 cases in Somerset County, according to statistics provided by the SCDOH, an increase of 24 since yesterday.

There are 350 COVID-19 related deaths in Somerset County, demographic information has only been provided for 335 as of 9:04 pm today. One person aged 18-29, 11 people aged 30-49, 33 people aged 50-64, 115 people aged 65-79, and 175 people over the age of 80 have died, according to statistics proved by the SCDOH.  

Somerset County residents who are exhibiting symptoms are encouraged to get tested for the coronavirus. The test site at Raritan Valley Community College, located at 118 Lamington Rd, will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. next week on Tuesday, May 19, and Thursday, May 21.

Testing, which is free of charge, is available to Hunterdon and Somerset County residents, age five (5) and older. Because priority is being given to those who are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus, residents must have a valid doctor’s prescription, ID and an appointment to receive testing.

Patients are required to provide a copy of their prescription, either by bringing it with them to the testing site, or by sending it via email in advance of the appointment.  Patients or their physicians can send the written authorization to the Somerset County Department of Health at, with the word “Prescription” in the subject line. Faxes can be sent to 908-704-8042.

Patients must schedule an appointment for testing at or by calling 908-237-7150.

For information from Somerset County on COVID-19 click the link below:

Statewide, there is a total of 141,560 cases, an increase of 1,144 overnight, with 9,946 deaths reported, an increase of 244 since yesterday, according to the State Department of Health.

The Mental Health Association of New Jersey has opened a Mental Health HelpLine.  If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed due to COVID-19, please call (877) 294- HELP (4357) during normal business hours for emotional support, guidance and mental health referrals as needed. For mental health information and resources specific to Somerset County, NJ CLICK HERE.

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