Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of profiles TAPinto Franklin/Somerset will be publishing on candidates vying for local office in the upcoming June 4 Primary Elections.

The candidates each were sent, and responded to, identical questions and their answers are being published verbatim.

Robert A. Quinn, 43, is running for Republican's nominee for Somerset County Freeholder.

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Work/Professional Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from W.Paul Stillman Business School, Seton Hall University, 1998
  • 22 years experience in Information Technology industry focusing on Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • 16 years management experience
  • 20 years experience in Process redesign, Compliance, and cost efficiency utilizing technology
  • Numerous leadership roles in St Matthias of Somerset Knights of Columbus
  • Executive Board member of St Matthias School Home School Association
  • Advisory Board Member for Rutgers Center for Innovation Education
  • 2017 Republican Assembly Candidate for Legislative District 17

Why are you running for the Somerset County Freeholder position?

Having lost county races in 2017 and 2018, the Republican Party is in need of adjustments in strategy or it will lose the general election. My information technology background will provide the public and the Freeholder Board with  skills it presently lacks. At the same time, my broad messaging and energy bring to the party an asset it requires to grow it's base moving forward.

What area would you focus on immediately if (when) you are voted in? 

First, I am recommending a Round table to bring together the public to discuss a range of topics including taxes, jobs, services, education, business climate, affordability. The feedback will be used as a blueprint for county and local elected officials to plan their activities. Secondarily, I have recommended the establishment of an internship program in the county.  Finally, as it relates to the efficiency of our tax revenues, I have proposed moving non customer facing roles to County. A great first step would be Tax collections. We can make our government processes more effective through the use of information technology to the benefit of the tax payer.