The June 4 Democratic Primary election here in New Jersey's 17th district is shaping up to be the most consequential in the state.

Together we face challenges unlike any generation before us.   The climate crisis, growing inequality, social and racial injustices, and the looming economic disruption fueled by automation and artificial intelligence create an uncertain future that will most certainly impact all of us.

Politically we are witnessing a battle between corrupt power brokers and a Governor who is working to shed light on precisely who stole our tax dollars.

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We have witnessed that our representation in LD17 does not respect democracy and the people they serve.  By refusing a moderated, formal public debate of the issues, my opponents have said more than any debate performance ever could.  Their fear of losing this election has overridden their duty to you and our community.

Couple this disregard of the public with their complete silence about critical issues facing New Jersey such the deep corruption and backroom dealings in Trenton and Senator Bob Smith’s offensive anti-Muslim campaign flyer and we begin to better understand the complacency of our leadership here in District 17.  To our current Assemblymen I ask, if you're too afraid to speak out against wrongdoing, why are you even in office?

It is clear that not all Democrats are the same and we desperately need a change of direction.

I'm running State Assembly because my professional experience has given me an understanding of the changing trends in technology, economics, and society.  We need innovative vision to navigate our uncertain future here in New Jersey and leadership that is not beholden to any corporate or special interests groups.  Our platform is the most comprehensive, our plans are achievable, and our work ethic is unmatched.

When thinking of who to vote for please remember that this election isn't about past accomplishments, it’s about the plans and policies needed to transition to a future that works for all of us.  The truth is that I am the most qualified candidate for the job.

As Democrats, it is up to us to determine the future of our party and our country.  We cannot rely on change happening at the national level if we are unwilling to vote for it at the local level.  

A vote for Ron Rivers in Tuesday's Democratic Primary election is a vote for positive change for our community. Together we can build a New Jersey for all of us.