My name is Santhosh “Sam” Velu and I’m asking for your support to elect me for Franklin Township’s Council-At-Large. I love this country and I love Franklin Township. For over twenty years, my wife Asha and I raised our two children in Franklin and this is the place that we call home. Perhaps you know me from one of the community organizations with which I volunteer, including The Franklin Township Soccer Club, St. Matthias, or the Hamilton Street Business District. If you don’t yet know me, I hope the following will give you good insights into who I am and why I’m running to represent you in Franklin’s Town Council.


Years ago our town council had representatives from both Democrat and Republican parties. Issues were debated with transparency, accountability, and in good faith by the council members. Things weren’t always smooth, but the public had trust in the process and trust in their elected representatives. 


However, over the past few years, I believe that the present town council has put party first and the needs of Franklin residents a distant second. I used to be a registered Democrat, but I believe so deeply that the wheels have fallen off this council’s all-Democrat bus, that I changed party to run as a Republican for Council-At-Large. We need diversity on the council to restore the public trust, and put an end to back room dealings and party-first politics. I am relying on your support to make this happen. 

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Franklin is a great place to work, enjoy the outdoors in our various parks and trails, own a home, raise a family, run a business, or be a retiree in one of our many active adult communities. We are One Franklin, One Family. That’s more than just a campaign slogan, that’s something I believe in my heart.


I’m running for Council-at-Large because Franklin is currently experiencing many challenges and it is time for fresh ideas and bold action. I believe we’re best served when public officials listen to residents, uphold the public trust, and work hard on the issues that are important to our town, including preserving open space, transparency and accountability in governance, and strong fiscal responsibility. 


Please make an informed decision when voting on November 5th. Once you are in the ballot booth your choice is anonymous. Even registered Democrats can vote for Republican candidates!


If you would like more information on my campaign, my position on issues affecting Franklin, or how you can help the One Franklin, One Family campaign, please contact my online campaign at


Thank you for your support!

Sam Velu