BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Members of the Laurel Circle quilting and knitting-crocheting group, in Bridgewater, presented a number of donations to the Center for Great Expectations, totaling over 230 pieces to date.

Laurel Circle, formerly Arbor Glen, is a full service senior living community, and the Center for Great Expectations is a non-profit organization that helps adults and young women and their children through homelessness, pregnancy and addiction recovery.

Anthony Schobert, a supporter of the Center for Great Expectations, moved to Laurel Circle and discovered the quilting group, according to a release, and he realized the potential for an alliance between the two groups.

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Today, the quilting group and knitting-crocheting group meets weekly to pursue a passion of crafting critically needed items for the young women at the Center for Great Expectations and their babies. They have donated about 60 quilts and 170 baby hats and sweaters.

“Young women come to CGE battling significant life challenges without the support of family or loved ones, and these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces make them feel like someone truly cares,” Veronica Finlay, director of major gifts at the Center for Great Expectations, said in the release. “The Laurel Circle ladies are integral to our mission to serve as their family offering them a home, support and treatment to help them build bright futures.”

The Center for Great Expectations is based in Somerset, and was founded in 1998.

“Creating our quilts, hats and sweaters for the Center for Great Expectations mothers and their babies is a labor of love for us,” Laurel Circle resident Joan Bloomer said in the release. “We only hope it makes even a small difference in their lives and lets them know they are not alone on their journey to a better life.”