We’re already feeling the effects of climate change in New Jersey. Hundreds of acres of vegetation and open land have been lost to rising sea levels. Algae blooms, deadly insects, and superstorms are becoming commonplace. The state is warming at double the global average and has even been referred to as ground zero for climate change by USA Today.

Fortunately, communities like Franklin Township are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change in the state. With a recently passed resolution supporting electric vehicles (EVs) in New Jersey, Franklin Township has reaffirmed their commitment to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

The resolution is in support of A4819/S2252, a bill currently stalled in committee. The bill would put over 300,000 EVs on the road in less than six years, build up charging infrastructure across the state, and provide rebates for New Jersey EV purchasers. Nearly half of the state’s emissions come from the transportation sector, so the bill would immensely alleviate air pollution and improve public health. Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles is crucial to slowing the effects of climate change in New Jersey, and with the state’s temperature warming at twice the global average, we cannot afford to waste any more time. 

New Jersey’s state legislators must build off Franklin Township’s momentum and act now. Legislators must pass A4819/S2252 and make our state a model for electric vehicles and charging technology around the country.