SOMERSET, NJ - Andrew Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, renowned in his field, he creates temporary landscape art installations out of sticks and stones, and anything and everything else that he finds outside.

Much of Goldsworthy’s land art is transient and ephemeral, a comment on Time and Earth’s fragility, comparing leaves and rocks, and they're different transition timelines. His art inspired Cedar Hill Prep students grades 3-8 to make their own “Earth Art” sculptures.

On Campus students built their sculptures in the school campus “woods”. Virtual students built in their backyards. While Goldsworthy used hundreds of natural pieces, students had a minimum of 30. Like Goldsworthy, they had to work quickly before pieces blew away or fell apart (and also because of class time constraints). Like Goldsworthy, the art was preserved by taking photos of it. There were other sculptural gems not shown due to photographic, tech issues, and Acts of Nature as when some just blew away before the shot, Goldsworthy style!

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Students also drew inspiration on the beautiful scenery images of CHP's 9-acre campus. Students picked an on-campus scene, whether from an actual view or photo reference.

They used hard and soft pencils to practice observing and focusing on using "hand-eye" skills to draw actual details as they are, not what is thought: Eye Over Brain. They also utilized basic Art Concepts and pencil skills such as shape, relative size and measuring, contrast and shading. Then they incorporated Color Theory concepts to create another full colored pencil campus landscape piece. 

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