SOMERSET, NJ - Perhaps the Township Housing Rehabilitation Program can help. Continue to read to see if you qualify.

Do You Qualify?

  •  Are you a permanent Franklin Township resident?

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  •  Do you own or have you lived in the house for at least one year?

  •  Is this the only house you own?

  •  Is the total assessed value of your house less than $400,000?

  •  Do you fall within the income limits on the chart below?

Family Size








Gross Income









Program Requirements

  • Funds are to be used for major repairs or conditions related to health or safety.

  • Examples of Work: Roof replacement, furnace replacement, upgrade electrical, new well or septic, sewer or water hook-ups, handicapped access, exterior and interior painting, etc.

  • Type of assistance: No interest, no payment perpetual loans.

  • IMPORTANT: Contact Community Development BEFORE any work is done or contracts are signed.

Interested? If you have answered YES to the questions on the preceding page and your house needs some repairs, call or write:

Township of Franklin
Housing Coordinator
475 DeMott Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873

732-873-2500, ext.6259