After Rich Lee and I returned to our alma mater at the start of the 2011-12 academic year, Rich more than once spotted me in the hallway staring at the photograph of the Doc we used for this article. He would always ask why, and I would always answer, "I think he's laughing at me, but I don't know what's so funny."

Perhaps the good doctor knew that as the years went on, Rich and I would embark on this experiential learning course called Journalists’ Workshop, running with our students, semester after semester, TAPinto Greater Olean, an online news site covering the communities surrounding St. Bonaventure.

Perhaps he knew – as one of our 30-something daughters often says – that St. Bonaventure would become our “fountain of youth.”

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Perhaps he knew that Aug. 16, the day of his centennial, would be the day news editors across America would take a united stand, committing to post editorials refuting the president’s “enemy of the people” accusations.

Enough of my fanciful thinking. (And, yes, I know that is an incomplete sentence.) I want to thank everyone who contributed to this article. Every statement rings so true to me. In my decades as a newspaper editor and the intersecting years in higher education, I always called on lessons learned from Dr. Jandoli. And I will admit a particular fondness for his insistence on parallel construction.

Let me close by writing that TAPinto Greater Olean invites all who had been students of "the Doc" to add to this story. Please email comments to me at, an email address I could not be prouder to have.