ST. BONAVENTURE, NY -- Daniela Carrasco has a unique perspective on tonight’s NCAA Tournament game between St. Bonaventure and the University of California at Los Angeles.

Carrasco, a senior at St. Bonaventure, is from Los Angeles.

Here are her thoughts about the differences between SBU and LA:

  • “One of the very first things I was shocked by is the environment itself. I came from a very urban city environment to a very rural one.”
  • “A lot of people don’t think about the noise level in a city like L.A. and the effect it has on you. My first two years here at Bonaventure, I had to sleep with a track of city sounds to fall asleep. That was a difficult adjustment. It’s a lot quieter here. You’re not exposed to the quiet in L.A.”
  • “L.A. is very large and bright. It takes two to three hours to get out of the city, without traffic, to see the stars. It’s different to see so many stars in Western New York.”
  • “I really miss the food and fashion in L.A. – people are more free with their fashion choices and there are many more restaurants.”