SBU will be enforcing many safety protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc). To really make campus safe, everyone will have to do their part. How strictly would you be able to follow those guidelines? 

I’d be able to follow it very strictly but I can’t imagine students will take it all that seriously because everyone is “over it.” With the small class sizes at Bonas I feel that I’d be able to follow the guidelines very easily.

Can you see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines? Why or why not? We are talking about college students...many will want to see their friends, go out, etc. 

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Everyone is going to be hanging out and a lot and people are going to break the rules after a week. Physically following the rules isn’t going to be hard but I can picture it being taken as a joke at this point. I don’t think wearing masks to class will be an issue for students, especially because no one wants to infect older professors who are at higher risk.

How safe would you personally feel returning to a classroom environment? Why/Why not?

I feel very safe returning to a classroom. Our classes are small and New York is doing very well right now number wise. There is usually room to spread out in class anyway.

Are you living on or off campus? What worries do you have about life away from the classroom? 

I am living in a townhouse. Because I’ll have my own room I am not stressed out about being to close to anyone, but roommates can only socially distance so much either way. Again, New York is doing so well right

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