People will laugh nowadays when you tell them you want to be a journalist. If you're someone like me they'll instantly assume I want to spend my life writing about sports since I don't play them anymore. It couldn't possibly be that I grew up with the burning desire to report much more than the score of last night's Yankee game.

A lot of times people forget that journalism isn't just politically motivated articles and recaps of local scores, but instead sometimes involves putting yourself in situations most people would steer clear away from. 

I grew up watching reporters who would bring their notepad and their cameras into a literal war-zone, so the comfortable American citizen at home had a better idea of what was happening on the ground in Baghdad. 

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Yesterday, Chase Cook's actions reminded the people what real journalism is about. It took people's eyes off the "Fake-News" slander reporters in the field hear everyday and highlighted a man who cared about nothing more than to continue doing his job, passionately, when many might have crumbled. 

Today, Chase Cook is a hero for his resilience and defiance. We can only hope that others in the field share this kind of passion for reporting. 

My dearest condolences go out to the victims and their families. 

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