"I agree for the most part on what was mentioned. I feel that students accused should not get an education taken from them or anything else until proven guilty. Plus the part where someone accused being able to write why they are innocent allows the boards to really see what the person accused is actually like before meeting them virtually or in person. 

"Also, not allowing the victim and accused to communicate during or before a hearing is smart because the victim could manipulate the accused or vice versa. Also slimming down the regulations of what is a serious sexual assault case and what is not helps schools focus on serious situations. 

"Yes, there are times when victims are threatened but if it's something that seems sketchy or things don't add up, there should just be discipline put towards the situation such as making sure students don't have a class together and are blocked on all ways of communication.

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"Also, before anyone accused was instantly expelled from school or cut from all school interaction even without a school hearing. These situations ruin people's lives and people falsely accused basically have to restart their lives and basically act as if they are living a second life."

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