Votes cast in Cattaraugus County Tuesday mirrored New York State election results on all three proposed constitutional amendments.

Proposal One asked voters whether a constitutional convention should be held, and the majority of county voters voted no. Only 1,570 of the 15,820 votes cast were in support of the convention, according to unofficial results from the Cattaraugus County Board of Elections. According to the New York State Board of Elections, 77.7 percent of New York voters voted against the proposal.

The second proposal on the ballot asked if a court should be allowed to reduce or revoke the pension of a public officer who is convicted of a felony. Unofficial Cattaraugus County results reported that of 15,647 votes, 12,287 were affirmative. The New York State Board of Elections reported 66.7 percent of statewide voters voted yes.

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Proposal Three on the ballot asked voters if a percentage of forest preserve land could be used for specified purposes. The majority voted yes, but results were close according to both Cattaraugus County and statewide unofficial election results. Of 15,904 voters, 51.5 percent were for the proposal and 48.5 percent were against, according to the Cattaraugus County Board of Elections. Statewide, 46.6 percent voted yes, 42.8 percent voted no, and the remainder were left blank, reported the New York State Board of Elections.

Statewide election results can be found here. 

Cattaraugus County election results can be found here.