The Cattaraugus County Water Sentinels, part of the statewide New York Water Sentinels, is actively seeking more water monitors in our local region.   All are welcome to become part of this exciting and timely program. 

The presentation will be followed on May 21st with a training for new Water Monitors at Bonaventure University,  Room 100 Plassman from 9AM to 3:30PM.

Come learn about Water Monitors and how you can be involved.  Veteran water monitor and local environmental lawyer Gary Abraham will present on the history of the Sentinels and water monitoring in this area, followed by discussion. 

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There will also be a brief presentation on Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County, which started the local Water Monitors group in 2011.

Water Sentinels’ mission is to protect the safety of our regional waters by monitoring local streams and water sources so that if contamination of any kind occurs the time and source can be better identified and remediation taken. 

Currently the Cattaraugus group has eleven active teams, each using meters to monitor two or more streams monthly plus participating in semiannual quality control reviews.   For a minimal time commitment, the potential benefit to our county for years to come is high.

An in-depth training for interested monitors will take place on May 21st at Bonaventure University (room to be announced).   This will include use of equipment, matching up of teams, safety, and everything necessary to begin.  Veteran monitors will assist new teams in identifying and locating streams to follow.

Whether or not attendees at the library presentation choose to become water monitors, the presentation will give important information about our county and how local citizens are able to make a difference in protecting the precious waters of our county.


Theresa Schueckler (Portville) -----   “We’re not guaranteed clean water for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren and we need to do our part in making sure our water is clean.  My point is to make sure that we have clean water because we know what happened in other places. We can’t depend on someone else.  We need to be responsible ourselves.

Jessica Crouse  (Salamanca)   “All the water that is, is all there ever will be.  Action to protect and conserve water in any increment is needed if we are to truly be stewards for the sake of future generations of all entities.”  Jessica Crouse

For more information, contact:  Barry Miller, 716-557-8978 or Jessica Crouse, 716-708-8242.