The Capital Gazette tragedy shook me, both as a journalist and human being.

The Olean Times Herald newsroom has always been a safe haven for me, a place where I have fun working and enjoy the camaraderie of my colleagues despite the natural stressors that come along with producing a daily paper. I have such an appreciation for my fellow writers and simply cannot wrap my head around the possibility of a sick person opening fire and terrorizing our workspace. 

I hope the citizens we serve as journalists learn a very important lesson from this event: we are not your enemies. While there are always going to be self-serving, agenda-driven media members who antagonize and incite the American people, true journalists like the ones who lost their lives yesterday do not deserve to be associated with those bad apples.

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The pursuits of real journalists actually align with the interests of citizens consuming the news; journalists respect our readers, viewers and listeners so much that we strive every day to report accurately and keep you informed with what is happening in your community, country and world.

We lost some of those truth-seekers yesterday. Please remember that.

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