How safe would you feel teaching in-person classes this fall? Why or why not?

I feel safe teaching in person classes in the fall. I feel the university is looking at safe ways to teach in person.

What precautions need to be put into place for you to feel safe? 

Social distancing, wearing of mask and being able to sanitize the work spaces before and after use.  

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What were your biggest takeaways from teaching online? If you had to do it again this year, would you be okay with that?

For The Sports Production class we need to be able to work with the equipment. It is tough to teach a "hands on" production course on line. Parts of this class could be taught on line but when if comes to the productions of games, we need to be there in person.          

What were your thoughts on the email from HR?

It sounds like the requirements for remote teaching are pretty specific to people who are at high risk, have family members who are at risk or have underlying health conditions. 

I feel that this is a smart move on the part of the university, there possible could be a number of faculty that fall into high risk or have underlying health conditions and there could be a number of students that fall into one of these categories also.

The last thing anyone would what to see is another shut down due to an outbreak of CO-VOD 19. My feeling is if the course can be taught online then continue it in that fashion until everyone can return to campus feeling safe.  

So far Western New York has done well with the phased reopening. We are going to have to wait to see what happens when campus is opened fully again to all employees. We will see a true test when the university allows student athletes back on campus for training for fall sports.

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