This is what real journalism is. This is why when people say “those fake-news journalists” I’m genuinely disheartened.

Journalists are real people, working 24/7 to bring important news to the people who need it -- even if some people don’t care and, in this case, even after those journalists have been shot at and lost friends and colleagues.

When I chose to go to J-school, I wanted to hone my storytelling skills, but I also had a resounding commitment to the truth that was only enhanced by my professors and my work on my college newspaper. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m willing to bet many people who’ve committed their life -- or at least career for the time being -- to journalism have similar sentiments.

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Journalists are resilient. We can sit outside someone’s office for hours waiting to ask one question if it’s important enough. And we’ll never stop doing our jobs. My heart truly goes out to the victims of this tragedy. And I implore everyone to subscribe to and read a variety of journalistic outlets -- national and local.

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