Since Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day, it’s a great time to celebrate all the amazing men in our lives. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on some serious issues in the United States. 

According to 2017 Uniform Crime Reports published by the FBI, 79.5% of persons arrested for violent crimes in the United States were men. Along with that, 87.5% of persons arrested for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter were men, and 97.2% of all persons arrested for rape were men. The 97.2% equates to 17,781 men arrested for rape charges in 2017, according to the bureau.

Only about 25% of all rapes were reported in 2018, per a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Of those reported cases, only about 33% led to arrests, according to FBI statistics. Figures from the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network state that only about 0.5% of rapists actually serve jail time.

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I’m going to repeat that. Only about 0.5% of all rapists serve jail time. This is infuriating and terrifying information for me as a young woman living in the United States, who has a one in six chance of being a victim of attempted or completed rape.

Additionally, recent attempts to restrict women’s reproductive rights by mostly male lawmakers in states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Utah are an attempt to further oppress and control women in the United States. And I will note that the restriction of reproductive rights unevenly impacts women of color, a whole other issue in the United States.

The wage gap is still a relevant issue. Even in 2019, with the modern feminist movement in full force, a woman with the exact same job as a male, with the same qualifications as a man, still earns $0.98 for every dollar a man earns. The wage gap has only decreased by measly $0.008 since 2015, according to PayScale statistics.

These are serious issues within our country that deserve serious attention. Raising these points is not an attempt to discredit the good men in the world. It’s to bring light to these injustices that are perpetrated by men.