“The one thing that I found interesting was the part where they said something about the jurisdiction of where it happens in college and if they study abroad, the rules are excluded. It says exactly 'however, the rules do exclude actions that happen to students studying abroad.' That part was interesting because even though it is overseas, it still is your student. But at the same time they really can’t do anything about it because it’s in a foreign country. But I feel like if the student says something and it was another American student who is also studying abroad they should be doing something about that because not doing anything is not helping those who are affected by that.

"The rules still mandate that schools dismiss complaints that do not meet the sexual harassment definition, even if the allegations are true. Now I feel that is messed up and wrong because they essentially are letting someone get away with something they shouldn’t have been doing because it doesn’t meet the definition. I think that there needs to be some wiggle room with the definition because if the person is coming forward about that happening, and they believe that it is sexual harassment, don’t dismiss them saying 'Hey look according to the definition what the accuser did was not harassment, so I can’t do anything about it.' That is something I don’t agree with."

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