SBU will be enforcing many safety protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc). To really make campus safe, everyone will have to do their part. How strictly would you be able to follow those guidelines? 

I will be able to follow the guidelines pretty strictly. I have all I need to do so. It is really only a matter of whether or not I remember some things. I am going to be trying hard though, because between my asthma causing respiratory issues and my history with being easily susceptible to illnesses, contracting coronavirus could be serious for me.

Can you see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines? Why or why not? We are talking about college students...many will want to see their friends, go out, etc. 

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I worry that many people will ignore the guidelines. As much as the university staff is likely to try to push these measures pretty hard onto the student body, and as much as I believe in the compassion of our St. Bonaventure University community, I think it is simply too easy to fall back into normal habits and forget to follow these new safety precautions. It is just too easy for an outbreak to occur with people living this close together. Just look at the levels of coronavirus cases in our cities versus where I live, in a rural community, to see that risk.

How safe would you personally feel returning to a classroom environment? Why/Why not?

I don't exactly feel safe coming back to campus, especially not with my health conditions, but I still think it is necessary. I really couldn't last with another semester of online classes and would have had to skip this semester if we didn't come back to campus. I just struggle too much trying to learn from just a screen.

Are you living on or off campus? What worries do you have about life away from the classroom? 

I am living on campus, at Devereux Hall. I am concerned that what once drew me to St. Bonaventure campus, the close-knit and active community, could prove to be our downfall. Too many people came to SBU to be close with other people, whether that is the faculty, staff, or fellow students. Now we can't be close. I don't see is making that severe of a turn. Especially in environments like the dorms, where everybody is comfortable.

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