OLEAN, NY – Mayor William J. Aiello is seeking volunteers to form an advisory committee for the North Union Street gardens.

“A number of residents have made suggestions and comments about the plantings along our new street and I’m listening,” Aiello said. “We all want the street to be beautiful, we all want the ambiance of the street to bring in patrons for our businesses and most of all we want residents to walk through the district and enjoy the relaxing environment that the gardens add to the street.”

Aiello suggested that interested Olean gardeners examine the Union Street Rain Garden Plant Catalog at www.cityofolean.org/dpw/index.html.

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“The catalog describes the plants that are on the street and why they were chosen,” he explained. “There are some constraints that have to be considered in the plantings as the city received a grant to add the rain gardens or bio-retention facilities.”

The mayor said the rain gardens attempt to mimic the natural water cycle by slowing and reducing the amount of storm water that enters the river. The gardens filter pollutants that protect infrastructure and watershed. In addition a number of the plants in the gardens help species such as the monarch butterfly and bumble bee.

Individuals interested in joining the committee should contact the Mayor’s Office at 716 376-5615.