How safe would you feel teaching in-person classes this fall? Why or why not?  

I will not feel safe at all, but I'll do it because it's my responsibility and my job. I am as old as dirt, so I'm in the highest-risk group, as are many people in our faculty. So feel safe? No. Will I do it anyway? Yes.

What precautions need to be put into place for you to feel safe?

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I am glad masks will be required of everyone. That will certainly help. That having been said, disposable surgical masks offer no protection to the wearer. Once we start teaching face to face, we join the ranks of front-line workers. We teachers should therefore wear N95 masks, not cloth or paper masks. During the Zoom briefing on current campus rules of partial opening, I asked if the university will supply N9t5 masks. I was totally disappointed not only in the answer (which was no) but in the attitude in which the answer was couched. In essence, the answer was that the state requires only the minimum, that is, cloth or disposable paper masks. The answer expressed the cheapest and easiest way. There was not even a hint about the best way, the way to protect the teachers on the front line. As a colleague put it, "Passing with a 60 is good enough."

What were your biggest takeaways from teaching online? If you had to do it again this year, would you be okay with that?

My biggest take-away from teaching online was that I could actually teach online. I had always sworn I would never teach online -- until one day I had no choice. I actually enjoyed being with the students every day online. Now, during the summer, I have nothing to do. I would much rather be teaching -- online. Surprise, surprise!

What were your thoughts on the email from HR?

The email from HR was just a little tone-deaf. It's such a shame that the administration does not take advantage of the skill and experience in crisis communication some folks (not me) in the J School have.

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