DAYTON, OHIO -- I almost didn’t get to shoot the game.

My media credential got all messed up because I neglected to go through one minor process (I’m an idiot lol and didn’t check my email). Luckily, some amazing people and friends helped push my name through, and I was granted media access to Tuesday's match against UCLA. For them, I am truly grateful and beyond appreciative.

The game was crazy! We beat UCLA! I haven’t even thought of that school since my Cali days! As many of you know, I am pretty well-traveled. For those of you that don’t know, I actually did a lot of my growing up in Northern California. While living and going to school there, I played basketball and did most of my training in LA or Southern California. Subsequently, most of my recruiting, early on, was from the Pac-12 conference (believe me or not, haha). So beating the West Coast’s team was so much more than just another big time school; it was everything! Even though I wasn’t suited up and playing my heart out like our guys in uniform, it was awesome to still have some stake in it even as a photographer.

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The game was one for the ages, one that I for sure will never forget. I’m so humbled to be so close to such a historic time in Bonaventure history and more importantly this team. These guys work so hard, and they deserve this more than anything. Although it’s never about our own recognition but solely God’s, our guys still had to put that ball in the hoop against some West Coast studs, and they did that job very well.

To the players: Congrats and let’s keep rollin’.

To our amazing fans: Let’s get louder and keep showing the world what Bonaventure basketball is all about!



Text and photos courtesy of former Bonnie basketball player David Andoh and PeoplesWay