“When I first read the article, I stopped and questioned what I had just read. I had to reread it a few times to really take note of everything these regulations contained. I’ve never been a big supporter of how Title IX has been treated in the past, as I feel like there aren’t enough regulations, nor a clear picture of how the cases should be brought out. I truly do think it needs to be updated.

"However, I think what DeVos is changing could be very dangerous for sexual assault victims, as coming forward still gives, in my own opinion, too many protections on those accused while hurting the victims. I understand the ideas of cross-examination and presuming everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but for a person to come forward after going through these traumatic experiences and telling their story even when it can cause painful flashbacks and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, being cross-examined, seeing their accusers and even knowing that they are assumed to be innocent is a traumatizing thought.

"My heart goes out to every student who has to Title IX someone, but I hurt even more for them after these new changes. I know if I went through such an experience and wanted to bring forward my story that this update would really make me consider keeping quiet instead.”

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