OLEAN, NY -- Jennifer Stickles' family keeps a tradition that her grandma started: Celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. 

Stickles, the Olean Public Library children's librarian, recalled that her entire family would gather at her grandma's apartmen  "and stuff ourselves with delicious homemade food, laugh, talk, and exchange gifts.”  

Her grandma has since passed away, so her parents host the Christmas Eve gathering.  

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 “We sit around, laughing, talking and eating more than our share of cookies and snacks before exchanging gifts,” she said.  

Stickles remembered that her parents always tried to give her and her brother a memorable Christmas gift while staying on a budget. One year her parents gave them a big box of He-Man and She-Ra toys. 

“I am pretty sure I still have my Sorceress of Castle Grayskull action figure,” Stickles said. 

Her parents made sure Christmas was always a happy time. She said her favorite memory is the Christmas morning her mom woke her and her brother up because she was too excited to wait for them to get up on their own. The family still laughs about. 

If Stickles could star in a holiday movie, it would be “Love Actually.” She said she would love to work with cast members Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, and Andrew Lincoln, who are her favorite actors.