OLEAN, NY – Tuesday the Common Council will consider a proposal that would address concerns that local businesses have expressed about snow removal.

Because parking meters were removed in front of businesses on the entirety of North and South Union streets, as well as on West State Street, businesses are uncertain about where to put snow when there are large amounts of snowfall in a short period of time. Before the devices were removed as part of the city’s North Union Street project, businesses had been piling snow around the meters.

“The current ordinance states that the entire width of the sidewalk needs to be cleared of snow and ice, and the snow and ice cannot be piled in to the roadway,” said Tiffany Taylor,  managerial confidential administrative secretary in the city attorney's office.

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The requirement caused problems this winter for business owners who have nothing but sidewalk in front of their buildings.

"In order to remedy this, we are amending the code so that businesses without a subway in which to place the snow will be able to clear only an eight -foot path, rather than the whole sidewalk,” Taylor said. “This leaves them a space to pile the snow.”

Taylor said Mayor William Aiello hopes that businesses will still remember to clear paths from the roadway to the sidewalk at different points so that their customers that park in the street can get to the business without climbing over the snow piles.

The resolution to reduce the snow removal requirement to 8 feet is scheduled for action by the Common Council at its meeting Tuesday, 6:35 p.m., in Council Chambers of the Olean Municipal Building, 10 E. State St.